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Download our free professional-looking AV Company invoice for service businesses. Download the AV Company Invoice template in the format you need (.DOC or .PDF) and then just print and send it. Our AV Company Invoice template is a great way to stand out from the crowd and win repeat business.

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Why should I send a AV Company invoice?

Homeowners have high expectations--to stand out from other AV Company companies you need to provide invoices that are clear and professional. With this free AV Company invoice template you can easily document the work you’ve completed for a customer and all of the charges. You can even add a button to get paid online! One critical element some AV Company companies forget: you should always include clear and detailed payment instructions on each invoice. The helps prevent “slow pay” and “no pay” customers.

What information should I have on my AV Company invoice?

Besides having a professional-looking AV Company invoice template, you should always Include your business' name, your address, phone number and email address. As a best practice you should also include the name and address of the customer (and their company information if it’s a commercial client).
Next, include more information about the AV Company work you performed. This should include line items for each part and product, in addition to the detailed labor charges. Each line item should include the associated pricing. The thing most customers look at first is the total of these line item charges, which is usually at the bottom of the invoice. After applying any discounts you’ve agreed to, add sales tax and calculate your grand total. Then calculate the grand total, putting it at the very bottom. This is what is due to you from your customer.

Why don’t pen and paper invoices work as well?

Our AV Company Invoice template is much easier for customers to read than something that is scribbled out on a notepad (or worse). In addition, you can easily create a digital copy of this AV Company Invoice, making it easier to reference in the future.

Step 1

With mHelpDesk Invoices, you can easily pick from a variety of templates.

Step 2

Edit the template and add your company information.

Step 3

Just print or download and email to your customer. That's it!

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